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Can I get into Oxbridge/Imperial/another top uni? watch

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    I have done my A levels and I got an A* in maths, a B in chemistry and a C in psychology.

    I'm really dissatisfied with my grades. My second choice university accepted me but I don't like it. People on my course took gap years after initially failing their A levels or they missed their better uni offers so they got in due to clearing (also hurts me to study a course that was in clearing).

    I honestly felt like sixth form wasted my time during my A levels - due to a combination of bad teaching and my complete lack of concentration - and I would have done better had I taught myself my subjects. After a day of sixth form's mind numbingly boring lessons, I came home to waste yet more time. I had no energy left to revise, which is why I put off my revision until the end of the academic year. I thought I may have just about pulled it off. Alas, results day revealed I hadn't.

    I'd like to study new A-levels - Physics and Further Maths probably - in a year, and then reapply to university. I don't know if this is feasibl however. I know universities don't accept people doing their A-levels over three years, but that's not exactly what I'm intending to do because I wish to study new subjects.

    I'm not entirely sure if university is for me. I think I like the idea of studying more than actually studying itself. I haven't really established any friendships on my course, although I do know a few people now, but not wanting to be there is always in the back of my mind. Therefore I'm not making any effort to make proper friends. I've got another major problem that makes me not want to befriend particular people, but that's not something I feel like expanding on.

    Thanks for reading, I guess.

    With those first grades it is unlikely. What is your GCSE profile and what did you get at AS? What do you want to study?

    To put it simply - no.

    Unfortunately for oxbridge, you wouldn't stand a chance of getting in, as harsh as it sounds. They don't like retakes and I think what you are doing would be viewed in the same way. However I think other russel group/top unis would be more lenient and as long as you get the required grades in your new subjects, you will probably stand a chance. I'm not completely sure though, maybe you could try emailing or calling the universities' admissions offices and asking them, they'll be able to give you a definite answer.
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