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    i was just wondering if anybody who knows anything about cars can help me out! I recently had my MOT and had a new brake pipe put in and new brake pad, and i had nothing on my advisories except that ill need a new tyre soon and that im missing my rear windshield wiper (ha!) but ever since my car has been making a kind of grinding ticking sound when im turning right and braking. The problem wasnt there before I had my MOT so im wondering maybe something hasnt been installed properly? Otherwise surely it would have been something that would have shown up on my MOT?

    Im just anxious about getting in touch with the garage in case they try and charge me through the nose to fix the problem, when im concerned they may have caused it! Does anyone know what may cause a grinding clicky noise when braking and turning? I thought maybe a worn CV joint but surely thats something they would have noticed on my MOT before it got to the point of clicking and what not

    Any help would be much appreciated

    Does the problem only happen when braking, or does it also happen when turning the steering wheel to full lock?
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    Brake pads can take up to 150 miles to set in. Go easy on them.

    Fully lock your steering wheel to the left and right to test your CV joints. If the clicking continues continuously it is your CV joints that need replacing.
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