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    Long story short, did my business and management degree in 2013, worked in industry for a very short time, decided I wanted to do something more 'meaningful' than an office job, completed teacher training in 2015, did supply work in academic year 2015/16. Since September 2016, ive started my nqt (newly qualified teacher) year and I really dont want to continue. The actual teaching is not the problem, but everything else thats attached to it is. I feel overstresses, has panic attacks and spend my evenings and weekends planning/marking/ filling out parperwork.

    I have two plans in mind:

    Plan A: hang in there till July and complete the nqt year. Use my savings to pay for a masters degree, look for a job after that.

    Plan B: quit teaching in December, actively look for an office job, whatever I can find, use the savings to pay for the masters degree, look for a job aftrr that.

    The only problem with plan A is that I cant see myself continuing, teaching is just so overwhelming! But then again, ive dedicated the last 3 years to teaching to quit at the end, im finding it hard to realise that finally, its not what i want to do. Any advice appreciated

    I think you have to remember that you had no idea whether or not you would even like teaching when you started training three years ago, if you truly are as unhappy as you say you are, then I don't think you should force yourself to carry on just to finish your NQT year. After all, if you hate teaching so much, you probably won't ever need QTS anyway!
    there's no harm in getting an office job for six months and saving up for a masters, if anything, it sounds as though you'll be a much healthier and more mentally stable place if you do that.

    Before you give up and quit teaching though, just be very sure that there isn't anything you can do to alleviate the problems you're having at school. Is there a mentor or somebody that you can talk to about your problems? Sometimes it's just a question of getting the right support, and there is absolutely no shame in saying that you are struggling. If anything your colleagues will probably respect your honesty.

    If not though, I would personally go with option B. Finishing the NQT year is not worth it if it's making you so unhappy.

    Hope that helps a bit

    Teaching isn't for everyone and there's no shame in deciding it isn't right for you. Every job has it's own different stresses and people are more suited to different things. That said the NQT year is generally considered to be the toughest and crappiest year for teachers so it may be worth trying to ride it out and asking for support from your mentor within the school to help you with this.

    Have you considered teaching English as a foreign language abroad? One of my cousins dos that in Korea for a few years and she made a pretty decent amount of money and had a great time.
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    consider teaching primary school instead, ask around local primary schools if they have any supply teacher positions so you can test it out and see how you feel. a lot of people find primary school much less stressful than secondary school teaching
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