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Starting to feel very low, constant worry, any advice? watch

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    Hello there,
    I'm in my second year at uni on a course I enjoy, although apart from that, despite me being very lucky for what I have, I'm constantly feeling down or getting knocked back, and I really can't control it. Somebody was very rude to me today and I retaliated verbally as I didn't appreciate how they were speaking to me, I didn't even know the person, I'm still thinking about how I could have potentially handled it better, what words I should of used and how, if it's going to affect me in the future (it's probably not, but I can't convince myself). I lie in bed and my brain whizzes round constantly with worry and guilt, even though I haven't done anything. I realign my parked car constantly because I worry people will not be able to fit in behind me or infront, not get out or in. Or it's not straight. I live on my own, I have friends at uni but not enough for me to be socialising with them. But this doesn't bother me. I'd rather be on my own. I go to work, do my job, come home. I have 2 hobbies, one I do from home and the other I do out once a week. A month goes by and I feel like I'm on track and then I drop back down again ... Would appreciate any advice, thank-you.
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    I feel the exact same. Went to work quite late the other day, just had 5 mins for my shift to start as i woke up late as i feel so ****. And there was these two women in the staff room (part of the area managers? Dunno, y the **** they were there anyway) i went to clock in and one of the women goes to me "you should get changed and then clock in" and then i said that my shift starts in five minutes. That stupid dumb ***** replied with "well you should have gotten here quicker" in an accusing manner. dont even know how this woman had the audacity to say that to me when she she doesn't work in the ****ing store herself. Complete strangers. I wanted to hit her and scream - why say unnecessary **** to someone? She doesnt know me was gonna tell her to take my place on shop floor since shes ready and early. ****ing *****

    Anyway low moods can happen due to an imbalance of hormones or you maybe deficient in a vitamin or mineral. E.g. vitamin D and iron. Just make an appointment with a doctor and request a blood test. And learn not to care about others. You are experiencing anxiety so i suggest getting counselling from uni? I heard that it helps a tonne! And its something i still need to do. Everything will be okay.. we just go through rough patches xx

    A mixture of anxiety, OCD and depression? :dontknow:
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