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    I'm in my last year of uni. I've realised by now that the course that I've chosen (music) is the wrong one for me as I've realised that I don't want a career in that industry, and I'd like music as a hobby instead. Since I'm in my last year anyway I'm finishing off the degree rather than giving it up, so I could hopefully use the degree to do something else. However whenever I sit down to study I end up panicking about how much time I've got left before my first exam (January), and because of the worrying I end up getting nothing useful done. Plus distracting thoughts keep popping into my head and after about an hour of trying to concentrate I just give in and end up giving up, which then contributes to my anxiety about the fact that I'm behind. Basically what I'm trying to ask is does anyone have any really useful tips at all for improving concentration whilst studying? I can barely concentrate for more than half an hour at the moment and I'm quite worried. Thanks

    I can relate to some parts of your post as when I was revising for a-levels I would become distracted during revision and then get anxious afterwards for having done minimal work. What I did was improve my mental state, so when I became distracted I would do something completely different to work and take a break and revisit when I was in a better state of mind. In the end if you want to succeed you will go back to the work at a better time and the revision will be much more effective. If you are an anxious person then I would definitely work on improving your wellbeing and mental health as you're clearly going through a stressful time and then continue revision when you feel more up to it all the best OP
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