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Live in partners best mate playing silly games with us! watch

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    I reside with my partner, her best friend and her brother- they date.

    Obviously having a best mate is much different from living with one, for reasons I'll mention, however, this is getting beyond a joke!

    Me and her best mate haven't exactly got the best track record, I share some responsibility, but from day one shes been very sarcastic to me, has an attitude and makes jokes at my expense.

    At first my partner let it slide and attributed it to her personality, but now, she's picking up on it more. My partners brother whom dates her always moans that my partner and me never clean up and we leave a mess everywhere, even though her best mate never used to wash up or do anything. Yet he'd target me.

    Now all of a sudden she is getting on her high horse a long with him. Moving stuff, and just dumping it without consideration, asking my partner "are you gonna move your stuff yet". Also my partner has had employment related issues, and up until recently has confided in said best mate, and gotten a job advice through her. However, because my partner has declined a few job offers for various reason her best mate got pissy and ****ged her off to me "oh I've stopped offering jobs to her now because she just turns them down".

    Ordinarily I wouldn't care, and while its slightly annoying for the friend, this sort of behaiovur isnt acceptible because she is meant to be her best mate. Just lately best friend has been really spiteful, and even remarked about one of my partners interviews saying: "im not been a b1itch but she won't get it".

    The last straw came last night when they resorted to dumping pots outside our bedroom, initially my partner thought was me and grilled me. To find out it was her. She asked why you leave these here to be told "thought you'd enjoy your mess!"

    What kind of god damn response is that?? Shes testing mine and my partners patience, whom by the way is the main tenant and is on the lease. So by rights she can have them both out legally. What takes the biscuit is that she offered her best mate a place to stay while she found work out of courtesy- waiting while I moved over out of kindness, and her brother!

    This is how they repay us.

    She has quickly gone from the best friend to best friend from hell...I personally cannot stand her due to her attitude toward me in past, and our history. But nor can my partner. They've been friends years but Im sick of how they walk all over her.

    Best friend takes my partners belongings on occasion like shoes, and wears them, and has done all sorts, it just seems like a test to see how far she can push us.

    My mother has heard it all, and said she's just a "god damn freeloader" and why don't you both get rid.
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