What is the education system like in Countries other than the UK?

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Kira Yagami
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Hello , I have a question about what the education system is like in other countries e.g. Italy, India, Spain, France etc..

This is what the education system is like in England:

There are State schools and Grammar schools which are funded by the Government. Grammar schools are much better than state schools because they have better teachers and require entrance tests.

Then there are private schools which are really expensive and offer the best type of education.

There is an organisation called OFSTED which rank schools from Outstanding, Good, Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory.

The typical education system is like this:

At first there is play group, primary school, secondary school (where you do GCSE exams to get into college), college (where you do A levels and apply to uni through UCAS) then uni.

I always hear about how people from other countries got into an amazing UK Uni so I'm curious to see how they got in and whether getting into a good uni in UK is harder/easier for people in different countries.

Thanks a lot!
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ik this is old but in the u.s., we have public (government-funded) and private (non-government funded) school. public schools include regular public schools where u get in just based on where u live and magnet schools where u have to take tests or audition. private schools include selective privates, nonselective privates, and religious privates. as far as i know, we don't have anything like ofsted, and we have elementary school, middle school, high school, and then uni which we call college.

also, there's no set american curriculum because it rlly depends on where u live, how much funding your school has, etc. even two schools in the same town will have vastly different curriculums.
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