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    I am a bit confused, I was wondering if I have to do anything now I have my acceptance. You know, like confirm it before a certain date or I can't go.

    Also, how can I tell if i got into my insurance Uni if I also got into my firm??

    I'm a bit confused becuse I improved my history grades from an E to a B but my biology grades went down so now I'm thinking I shouldn't do biology or something I'm really confused but the course search has gone from Ucas (dammit) so I can't see my choices for if I delayed Uni a year...
    I'm gunna post my thoguhts on a combination of both in another thread.
    anyone know when it'll be back? (otherwise I'll phone em up to ask)

    but yeah, dunno whether to go to my 1st choice now, dunno how i even managed to get in.... i dont have a ccomdation there either.... ahh so confussled

    thanks, my 1st questions thr most important

    u only have 2 confirm it directly to the uni if they asked u 2 specifically (leeds met did for my course, but they usually dont). If u dont want to go 2 ur firm u can ask them to be released but u still wont b able to use clearing.

    If u dnt wana do ur course u can maybwe ask the uni if they can switch u 2 another one but i would have thought it unlikely.

    I wouldnt let a grade slip put u off anyway, if u got in ur good enuff 2 do the course. If u dnt wanna do it anymore thats a different matter obviously, but i dnt think the grade is the be all and end all, especially as u prolly worked pretty hard to up the history grade.
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    yeah thanks, I did work hard to improve history however now I'm thinking maybe I would prefer history or something which combines both
    (hence my other post http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/showthread.php?t=438872

    I mean I never considered it before, because I was crap - lol

    i do like bio. but often it seems like I'm doing well and then I do rubbish, or not as predicted (Im still confused how my paper says I got a C in c/w when I thoguht I got a high A.... very confused.. maybe i am forgetting about something)

    and history of science sounds more interesting for me..
    aahh i dunno

    now I'm 140th on the waiting list for accomdation so i prolly wont get accomdation at RHUL either.. at least I don't have anything to confirm right away though

    oh and RHUL is actually very highly regarded for hist. so if I did switch I would ahve gotten int somewhere harder to get into a sneaky way (lol), but I don't wanna do JUST hist. i wanna do a combination of either hist, media or science/biology
    which RHUL doesnt do

    thanks for comment!!
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