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    Happy National Cat Day everybody! The best day of the year :emog:

    Do you have a cat? Post below!

    This is my cat. Her name is Reffie, but we just use nicknames with her

    She taps you with her paw to say please when she wants something, and likes to sit in front of the TV whenever you want to watch it

    Every day is National Cat Day for me :love:

    I am very lucky to have four very special kitties in my life atm I lost my first ever kitty, Mylo in 2014 when he was 17 and my Yorkie the following year Miss them both every single day.

    Here's my current 4 The first two are Rambo and Nibbler and they are 10 years old and are brother and sister. I got them four years ago when their old owners could no longer care for them and then we have Regan and Pixie who are a year and a half old and we got them from a shelter. Some of you may know that Rambo went through a little health scare recently but thankfully, he is in the clear now :yep:

    Their nicknames are -

    Rambo - Ramblob, Blobbicuss, The Blob, Flubber, Prince Charming
    Nibbler - Nibblina, NibbleFish, Little Miss Nibbler
    Regan - Reegy, Regan the Vegan (since she doesn't bring in dead birds and mice unlike Pixie ), RegaBear
    Pixie - Pixie the Predator, Pixie Lou, Pixie Puss
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