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    I have seen this question come up from older posts and wondered if anyone had found any ways to successfully meet young like-minded people after graduating? I am back home with my parents which is ok, but I'm quite bored. I have some school friends back home but they are all doing their own thing (one lives with her boyfriend, another has had a baby etc) as nice as they are, they're not as social as they use to be, and I'm single and rather fed up with having nobody to do things with. None of my Uni friends live nearby so that is not an option. I'm currently doing an internship but most of my office are a good 10 years or more older than me and married.
    I have tried to join clubs but the town I live in is rather small and the nearest city isn't particularly big either. I tried to get involved with photography as that was something I enjoyed before and at uni, but the local groups average age is 50+! They're all really friendly but I'm not really after making friends with people the same age as my parents!

    I'm toying with moving to find a job in a new city to hopefully have more things to do compared to here but obviously that's quite a step that may not pay off. London would be great but a bit out my price range. Any suggestions on where to move to? I'll consider anywhere! Thank you

    Obviously I would recommend London in a heartbeat as you would never be short of things to get involved in or people to meet. But look at the next biggest cities instead: Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester, Newcastle, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow etc. They would be slightly cheaper than London and all are still vibrant enough for you to go out and explore new things.

    You'll get out of it what you put in. When you move to a new place, get a feel of the nightlife scene, shopping, entertainment etc. Having a new job definitely helps widen your social circle and living away from home will give you independence as well as keeping you busy. Look online for clubs and social events you can join in your city and if needs be, move to a place where you have friends already who can give you some support. Meet people through them. Travel, talk to people you meet through work or even go to student events at uni's where you will meet people a bit closer to your own age. Making new friends is a skill - it takes time, practise and organisation. As long as you're not a workaholic and you have time to enjoy yourself, people will come to you.
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