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    Hey, so I'm 15 and currently, all I do is play on my PC (games normally).I'm on my PC 24/7 every day after school just every time I'm at home in general. My dad and everyone tell me I should stop. They tell me I should stop because I'm in Year 11(School, 6 months away from my GCSE's) and I'm always getting F's-G's in my Mock Exams.I'd like to be a Pilot when I'm older so it's important that I get 5+ C and above's however I'm getting 0 C's only G's and F's.This is bad as I have a feeling I'm going to fail.Another thing is I'm overweight, and I'm always going to Gym 1 hr a day around 3-2 times a week which hasn't been helping so far so I have even less time to study too, even though I don't now too.I also never do my homework.How can I change my life around?Shall I sell my PC? I was thinking of selling my PC recently so I have enough time to study and not do nothing on my computer all day, but what would I do all day without a PC? I have 6 months to turn my life around, I need as much advice as possible!

    I understand what your going through.
    My advice is quite simple really: use your computer to do work!
    Try to do timed slots where you do say half an hour games, have a break and then do school work.
    GCSE's aren't that hard, its all about technique really, there isn't usually a huge amount of content.
    In regards to being slightly overvweight, try playing sports once or twice a week, just find one you enjoy. This will also provide a further break from games and schoolwork.
    To give you an anecdotal example of someone who played an excessive amount of games and probably overdoes schoolwork now, it can have a serious effect on your health. I played games constantly like you until year 10 when I developed serious headaches and migraines, leading to viral meningitis and lasting health effects. Now I only play games for at most 1-2 hours a day, and do a ton of schoolwork. However, what you need to understand is that you have to balance schoolwork, games/hobbies whilst ensuring that you are healthy.
    Ultimately, my advice is to still play games, but have a lot of breaks, balance it with schoolwork and make sure your health doesn't suffer.
    I hope everything works out for you, don't mess up your head playing too much games, Im still feeling some effects from it. Make sure you recieve help or tutoring as well, it may be assigned to you after the January.februrary mocks anyway, but don't wait about.
    Best of luck, Im sure you will do well.
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