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    Hey, so I'm 15 and currently, all I do is play on my PC (games normally).I'm on my PC 24/7 every day after school just every time I'm at home in general. My dad and everyone tell me I should stop. They tell me I should stop because I'm in Year 11(School, 6 months away from my GCSE's) and I'm always getting F's-G's in my Mock Exams.I'd like to be a Pilot when I'm older so it's important that I get 5+ C and above's however I'm getting 0 C's only G's and F's.This is bad as I have a feeling I'm going to fail.Another thing is I'm overweight, and I'm always going to Gym 1 hr a day around 3-2 times a week which hasn't been helping so far so I have even less time to study too, even though I don't now too.I also never do my homework.How can I change my life around?Shall I sell my PC? I was thinking of selling my PC recently so I have enough time to study and not do nothing on my computer all day, but what would I do all day without a PC? I have 6 months to turn my life around, I need as much advice as possible!

    Hey! It's important that you begin studying as soon as possible if you want the grades you've mentioned, luckily there's still enough time to achieve them, so don't be disheartened. Having a positive outlook is half the battle!! If you feel like selling your PC would be beneficial to you go ahead, however it could still be very useful to you, for example you could watch GCSE Science videos on YouTube to help you understand difficult concepts. I'm not very tech savvy however there may be a way to block the website you play the games on or if you're using CD games you could sell them instead. It's awesome that you've started going to the gym, you need to remember that weight loss is a slow process and it may take some time to see results. You've mentioned that you play these games all the time, meaning you're sat down for long periods of time. This could be hindering you from seeing the weight loss that you're capable of achieving. Try being more active, like walking up and down your staircase a few times or hoovering the house. Little things like these will add up and soon you'll be much active and will feel much more productive. The food you're eating can also have a massive impact on your body too, so be mindful that you're not eating too much junk. A treat once in a while is perfectly fine!

    In terms of starting your revision know that you'll be a bit behind when you first start, however your set goal (to become a pilot) should motivate you through it. Try making lists of things you want to go over in a day, remember to be realistic. Don't be upset if you don't complete everything on your list as you can just start where you left off the next day. Ensure you have all the resources you need e.g. textbooks, notebooks, calculator. it may be an idea to speak to your teacher after class and see if they can help you come up with a study schedule.

    All of this doesn't mean you should completely stop gaming, you may still want to play for an hour or two here and there. Focus more on your hobbies too, you may want to start playing a sport or drawing. Doing what you enjoy is very important too!!

    Feel free to message me if you have any questions I will be more than happy to guide you! Good Luck )

    Although not overweight, and most certainty did not play silly computer games for all hours, upcoming Oxford student Ethan Burton is releasing his first autobiography ''Making The Grade'' in which he talks about how he has completely turned his life around from high school - and got into Oxford!
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