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Have never been able to get a job from an interview. watch

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    The only two jobs I've had - working at a restaurant + P&G factory work didn't require an interview

    I've never actually aced an interview though, I think it's because I really struggle with enthusiasm on a job I actually want, I don't really like expressing emotions so have always struggled, some people are like this.

    So what I'm doing now every time I go to an interview is get somewhat high, then it's easier to act better, I also lacked preparation I think so I'm making sure I get ready days before.

    My opinion on any job is that it's not about being of a standard that they say they want, it's about being the best, and having this mindset of doing just enough to get the job won't get you a job, it's basically like a race, first wins, 2nd place isn't good enough when the race time limit is 20 minutes. Most are looking to qualify for the time limit to be considered, but you have to win.

    So it doesn't matter if there's a minimum requirement, what it's about is ultimately beating the competition, every small thing counts, a cover letter, better shoes, nice haircut etc. Seems trivial but that slight difference is the difference between 1st and 2nd place.

    I think mostly because the jobs I've been going for have had people that were more experienced (trying for electrician jobs), then went to apply for electrical engineer roles, never got them, I wasn't even qualified but didn't see other options, I have a HNC in electrical engineering, when others have degrees. Will they win in that scenario?

    I also think who's best doesn't mean who's more qualified, but who's better for the job, who's their ideal worker. For example if you go in asda you realize that the workers don't even look good, usually don't have much qualifications, they want long term workers so employing a graduate doesn't make sense, they'll move on, actually I think they want less amibitious people with good attitudes. So it's not about being better in a general sense, it's about being more suited to the job.

    I find that next to nobody really likes me or dislikes me though, everywhere I've been I've just found people didn't give a **** about me, or what I said, to most I'm boring, shy, unemotional, so it's no wonder I'm not ideal, I think that subconsciously most don't even like my character hence why I don't get jobs, yeah I have intelligence, but everywhere I go I've found that few people I get on with deep down, everywhere I've been I just think I've never mixed with people so it makes sense why I've struggled.

    I also find it hard to seem interested, or like the interviewer, it's just how I am, I don't like most people, everyone on a subconscious level seems full of ****, and when doing research on the company it's not really that interesting, hard to pretend to be interested.

    Seriously I think coke would be so perfect for interviews, you would radiate confidence more than you ever have in your life, I say drugs are bad but everything has it's use. It makes sense why businessmen are stereotyped to like it, but you would need to hide it that you were on something, alcohol is alright but nowhere near as confident.

    I also think that you've got to cover up the real personality so much as to not make it seem you're like this, when people dress nicely, I can see it's not how they really like to present themselves, subconsciously interviewers can probably tell when things are put on, if you genuinely give a good impression that they can't see through, the interviewer would be convinced your actually that good.What they're doing is trying to figure you out, consider what they subconsciously think, interviewers are trained to see through you and any small warning sign figures you out, imagine lying about being a millionaire, most could see through it, intuitively you give hints without knowing, actions, body language, tone, attitude, facial expressions, genuine enthusiasm will speak louder than words, fakeness IMO has to be good or it goes against you.
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    (Original post by NullDrone)
    Congratulations, you've worked out that

    a) applying for a job and getting it is exactly the same as entering a competition and winning it
    b) getting to interview is a sign the organisation thinks you have the skills for the job, and they interview you face-to-face to check the truth of your claim to the skills and to decide if you are the sort of person they want to share 37 hours a week with.

    Drugs aren't the solution to becoming the sort of person others want to spend 37 hours a week around.
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    hey there,

    Sorry you're not having much luck with your interviews. You've just got to keep trying, you will get offered a position that's perfect for you in the end.

    I've got some advice articles that might help you out:

    http://advice.milkround.com/apply-avoid-rejection Finding your first job: Apply yourself to avoid rejection

    http://advice.milkround.com/rules-en...all-interviews Rules of engagement: how to walk tall at interviews

    http://advice.milkround.com/coping-with-interviews Coping with interviews

    I hope this help you!
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