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    Interesting story about a US college with no teachers. The college runs courses in software development and programming.

    Learning happens through project work backed up by existing online resources and peer-to-peer support.

    They say "Peer-to-peer learning develops students with the confidence to search for solutions by themselves, often in quite creative and ingenious ways."

    I guess it's a bit like a MOOC but students actually have a building, working space and face-to-face support.

    Sounds like a good idea at the base of this but would it work in other subjects? Or at other levels?

    Maybe TSR could offer this sort of thing? Masses of peer supprt and guidance alteady goes on informally here.
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    I think it's a really good idea, but only for certain subjects... I think in this example it works because it's a technical and fairly objective based subect, whereas essay subjects I think would be a lot more difficult to do with this...

    In general, I think project based learning is one of the best ways to learn certain things, as you're just getting straight into it, but you definitely need to the p2p aspect of it too.

    I think a lot of this goes on already especially for coding, where there are many sites where you can work through projects, at your own pace...

    I love the idea of actually having a working space and people you can actually speak to there and then... I think that without that, it can make any problems you run into, that little bit harder to get help with, and I think also gives you much more accountability surrounding you actually doing it... I think that's a major drawback of the stuff you do by yourself online, is that it's very easy to just not do it today... which spirals downwards...
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    Have reading some passages of the article now. I will read the whole one through when I am at home and have enough time for reading. It is interesting anyway.
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    Have read it through now.

    In my personal opinion, this peer-to-peer-learning is a good alternative under certain circumstances: it grants students the free space to help themselves each other, to do something in a crowd to teach each other in a creative way. That is a nice aspect of this kind of learning, but it only works, if the students have the attitudes which were mentioned in the article: being passionate and self-motivate. Plus - in my point of view - being autodidact as crowd as a whole to learn effectively and as free individuals at the same time. This kind of teaching is the most difficult in my opinion, as it requires a great resposibility of the peers to learn by themselves without supervisor. Everyone of them is responsible for the whole crowd and for learning.

    People who have no problems with this circumstances would peer-to-peer-learning regard as an enrichment for both, participate in a learning and vivid society to teach common educational contents and to wide the horizon by doing something new, to think in other directions than merely follow the ones which were given by teachers, to come to own findings and discovering new aspects. So, learning from learners is suited for people who have an open mind for new methods of teaching and are willing to discuss and to work with another students to achieve a common goal: raising the knowledge.
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