Police investigation is making me unwell

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Basically the Police are investigating a historic case, in which I was a witness too. I don't remember much at all, however the nature of the crime is very serious and I knew the victim. Having been close friends with her brother for many many years through school.

The police had been in contact with family out of blue and subsequently got a hold of me. I was shocked to hear about it.

I keep trying to think back to that day in question nearly a decade ago and thinking about the circumstances, who was present, who came and who went. I just can't recollect and it frustrates me.

I've even gone to the extent to try and retrace my own steps. Not suggesting I committed the offence as if I did I'd be the first to know.

The point is, I keep replaying it over and over in my head. The events of that day and it's causing a lot of distress and anxiety. I'm always anxious with police as I got arrested at a fairly young age for a serious crime before and it was traumatic. Whenever I am in contact with police I now get nervous excessively, as always assume I'll be accused.

The event has also brought about a feeling of nostalgia. Lately, I've been having rough times and thinking about this case has made me think about my times with my childhood friend (victims bro). We had such good times, he was a real laugh. Just want to rewind time and go back.

Good job I'm seeing my therapist next week!

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