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Flakey, and second thoughts or player? watch

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    So a month ago I met this girl on a trip, we got on really well and exchanged details. We spoke for a bit, but I never really followed it up. I mentioned we'd have a similar trip to the same location end of October, that's probably when we'd see each-other next.

    We spoke a little before that and I mentioned a trip I had, and she said she might come as it's a few days and longer than the normal and that she was free. I chased her up to see if she wanted to come along with me, but she didn't reply.

    When I had left for that trip, she sent me a message to ring her (I assumed something was up as it was early hours of the morning) so I messaged her asking if she was okay? She said she was fine. So I rung her when I got home as it's cheaper and she was like she's got the same trip end of November and If I wanted to come, but I am a little busy so couldn't commit.

    I then said when are we going to do something or go out? She said she'd see me on the weekend (Which I totally forgot about) and that we can meet up and then when she comes home, she'll come around to mine for the day and stay the night so we can go out. I did post a topic about this the other day so here's the aftermath of what happens.

    1) She arrives but doesn't contact me like she said she would. I assume she's had second thoughts, as I message her but she's ignoring the messages but is active online. She says she's been sleeping all day, but then takes a few more hours to respond. Realises I am going home and then suggests I come to her room in a bit once she's got ready. I get a message that she's ready, and then she knocks at my door. I was like blimey give me a few minutes to see the message or something.

    She comes into my room and looks around, then says come see my room so we chill on the sofa and I ask if she's definitely coming to stay over at mine, she says of course. So I book tickets for tonight and she says she wants to go out and get something to wear. She was very open with me on the Sofa, she wasn't closed language and It was perfectly fine.

    I walk downstairs and in front of her friends, she asks "Give me a hug" so I do.

    So I make some plans of shopping, dinner and then going out today. She asks how to get to mine, so I write it for her and say I'll meet half way as your not from around this part of the country.

    2) I messaged her yesterday asking her what time she'll be about, and she says she doesn't know yet. She'll let me know. She never does. I wake up this morning and see that she's posted a snapchat story that she's home. She's also viewed mine so I decided to give her a ring (twice) and both times no answer. She's not read my whatsapp from yesterday despite being online since.

    I find it really really rude that she's just giving me the silent treatment and pulled out of our plans for today without saying anything. She did this two weeks ago for my trip, but I never bugged her about it - she got in contact with me again to go on a trip together. She almost flaked our plans Sunday, but when she realised I was going home in a few hours she couraged to meet up?

    Now she's literally just pulled out of this plan completely (It was her idea - not mine to come stay over) and she hasn't told me anything or contacted me to apologise. I actually liked talking to her and now this is super frigging awkward as I am not going to say anything to her or chase her up as that's not my place, and we could bump into eachother.

    Also my tickets tonight, my friend will probably come and he says he'll try find me a nice girl as this one is just an idiot and hopes she'll see that I am having fun without her.

    But like what's the whole idea of this?
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    Nobody has any idea?
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