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Hi guys, I've got an essay due tomorrow and I've done everything I can to make it as good as possible.

I know that many of the points here may be controversial (as it is a piece of discursive writing) but It would be great if someone could give me a rough grade for my work.

I am at a National 5 or GCSE level.

Does God really exist or is he just a creation of our minds? If he really exists, why is there so much suffering in the world? Can an almighty creator forge a rock he cannot lift? Moreover, who created the creator? As you read on, you will have one of the many reactions readers have to essays on Religion . You may be the reader who chooses to roll their eyes at this text. “Ugh! Another religion vs. science freak! Who cares?”. Alternatively, perhaps you could be the one that chooses to nod along or shake their head at the first four or five questions, a reader standing as a firm theist or an atheist. You could even be the one we call the agnostic, who does not know which army to join: the army of the believers, or the nonbelievers. Either way, my aim is to convince you of God's existence by debunking three of the strongest myths and arguments against God. So, for all you agnostics out there, I would suggest you pick a side now. It is about to get interesting!

Let us start off with a classic atheist argument to warm us all up. Who created God? The answer, in fact, is quite simple. God is what we call an "uncreated creator." Let us explain what we mean by an uncreated creator using "The Sniper Theory" found in the book “The man in the red underpants” by A.R. Green. Picture this. You are a sniper awaiting commands to shoot a major target. Before shooting, you ask your commander for permission to eliminate the target. Your commander then asks his senior commander, and that commander asks another commander senior to him and so on and so forth. Will you ever shoot the target if there are an infinite number of commanders? The answer is no; you will never get to shoot the target because the initial decision would never be made. Similarly, there cannot be an infinite number of creators because the decision to create everything, and even the process of establishing everything would never happen! This, therefore, requires the existence of an "uncreated creator," which, indeed, is God himself.

The next argument we are about to dismantle is actually a myth about God’s nature, and revolves around the contradictions that arise from the existence of an all-powerful being. Can God create a stone he cannot lift? Whichever answer we theists give, it suggests that God is limited because either he cannot create the stone or cannot lift the very stone he created. Again, just like the sniper theory, our response will revolve around things being infinite, and limitless (like God!). God, is an unlimited being in every aspect. He is all-powerful, all-loving, all-merciful, you name it. When it comes to making something greater than any of God’s characteristics, ask yourself this question: Can anything be more than infinity? Nothing can! So when asked about this unliftable rock, we say that God cannot, in fact, create such a rock. However, this does not mean God is limited. Rather, it means that anything that God has created is restricted to being inferior to God's all-powerful attributes. By common sense, God will always be able to lift the rock, because he has infinite strength. In other words, no matter how heavy God makes that rock, the limitless force that he possesses will always be able to lift his limited creation.

Now let us dismantle one final myth: How can God allow us to suffer? He appears to allow the deaths of thousands of innocents to go by unnoticed. Surely God and his all-powerful attributes, would be infinitely just and prevent all the chaos we experience each and every day? There is a very simple answer to this question. And it is not that God is evil. God created suffering for two reasons. One, to punish those who commit wrongdoings, and two, to test for signs of faith. The first reason for suffering is simple. If you do something wrong, you get a punishment. There is nothing evil about this and every society in the world commits to this natural system of punishments for doing evil things. However, sometimes it seems that someone hasn’t done anything wrong. For example, a child who has to go through something terrible like an earthquake. Did that child do anything to deserve such a thing? Probably not, but this is where reason two for suffering comes in. Suffering is also used as a test for faith and belief. And guess what! If we manage to pass this simple test, we are granted the ultimate reward: Paradise. Who would not want to live forever and ever, without a worry in the world?

To sum it all up, we have successfully dismantled 3 of the strongest myths against existence or the nature of God. In the dying moments of this essay, let me fortify one fact: God's existence. The universe has not all come about by chance. Just look at science where you can find all sorts of complex systems. It would make anyone's brain hurt if you were told it had all come together by luck. Can systems such as the circulatory system, and the respiratory system really be results of sheer and utter luck? Let us say you found a pocket watch lying on the beach, would you not believe it was manufactured by an intelligent mind? A watchmaker perhaps? Then why is it different for the world in which we live in? To round it all off, there must be some intelligence behind these systems, and the one behind all these systems must be God. The one. The only.

Thanks to anyone who made it this far! A rough and accurate grade would be most appreciated!

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