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    Hey, so this is my first post on here but i wondered if anyone is feeling the same as me.

    I go to UAL and I'm in my first year. Ive already been here for about 2 months now and i feel like i haven't really made any solid friends, everybody i already know just seems to be acquaintances as i see them passing by in my halls or we work together when at uni.

    I have a few good friends back at home which i stay in touch with on Skype but i feel like at uni i don't have anything like that and I'm worried that ill never find people ill be able to get a house with next year. I'm not the most socially outgoing person but when people do talk to me i do make the effort to chat back. Im very friendly and nice and love talking to an individual, but when in a group of more than two i find it hard to keep up my side of the conversation. A lot of the time i feel myself being drowned out by some of the louder personalities and so then i just don't bother talking. Usually after long conversations i feel like i need to go back to my room to have some time to myself. As you've guessed I'm a bit of an introvert but i do love going out clubbing and having a drink with people. but other than that i like to stay in my room, or if i do go out to do stuff in the city i prefer to do them by myself, i genuinely enjoy doing this especially in a city such as London. I think this is why i preferred it back in college where i would see my classmates everyday but when school was over i'd be back home. At uni you see your classmates at uni as well as where you live and they're there the whole time. I find it hard to understand how people can be hanging out with each other all day at uni and then all evening in each others rooms talking. The only person i love to be around for that amount of time is my boyfriend. He lives quite far away and so we only get to see each other every 3 weeks or so and i only find myself the happiest when he's there. I just feel like i should be enjoying this uni experience more than i currently am or maybe i need to just focus on the fact that I'm here to learn and get connections and experience.

    I thought my foundation last year would somewhat prepare me for this as i was also in halls then but its a lot different than i thought it would be

    I just feel a bit sad and lonely at the moment and worried that I'm not going to be able to make any "life long friends" is anyone in the same boat??
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    Do you talk much with your room mates (if you have any) or hang out with people at halls?

    I suggest you try joining societies at your uni, those are a great way to make friends. I actually met one my good friends from a society and we still talk after we graduated. There are so many different societies with different themes, there will be one that you like Since you live in halls, you'll be able to attend events a lot easier as well. What about classmates, speak with the person next to you during a class or group work or something like that and build up a friendship.
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