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    Well basically, i'm in a bit of a mess and I would appreciate your thoughts and advice.

    My AS results are below.

    Business Studies A

    Unit 1: 79/90 A
    Unit 2: 70/90 B
    Unit 3: 103/120 A

    Mathematics E

    Unit 1: 57/100 D
    Unit 2: 37/100 U
    Unit 3: 34/100 U

    ICT B
    Unit 1: 90/100 A
    Unit 2: 85/100 A
    Unit 3: 49/100 E

    Religous Studies C

    Unit 1: 95/150 C
    Unit 2: 98/150 C

    Well, firstly business studies, fine, no problems. Maths, completely shocked and gutted with the results. Understood everything but just didnt practice many exam papers. So determined to continue. Before results, was actually considering to do a degree in maths, but now, i dnt have a clue what to do.
    Then, ICT, if you do this subject you will know the amount of hours you have to spend on coursework, Its unbelievable, althought its my second highest grade, dont want to continue but want to resit unit 3 to get A overall.

    Religous Studies, C,, not really sure what to do with this.

    I;m a bit stuck at the moment. I was thinking of a maths degree, but with an E at AS how will I convince them that I can get a A/B overall.. I will be resitting core 1 and 2 in jan alongside c3 and maybe even S1 in summer alongise other A2 units if i do A2 maths. will that be too much?

    I have thought about it now and I am considering doing 2 A2's and 1 AS this year, hence I will have 2A2 and 3AS which most universities will expect.

    But really need advice on what to do. I was even considering picking up biology as an AS which could open more option to go towards the biology field. But then I could also do accounting and finance at warwick or birmingham?

    advice appreciated.
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    TSR Community Team
    I'd doubt applying for maths would be a good thing - espeically this year around.

    Your maths grade isprobably far too low for any uni to consider you for maths. Maybe you could apply for other things this year and if you are really set on oing math, kep going with it, resit it and see what grades you get. You could always then try to see if there are any maths coruses in clearng next year if you don't ant to do the other coruses you've applied for (I know maths at York had a couple of places last year) I there are not any, you could reapply to uni the year after, once you have your grades, and take a gap year.

    But you have loads of options. But really, applying to maths this year ain't really one of them. It just goes to show, that without exam pratice, exams are not easy things, even if you think you know your stuff.

    Your maths grade is likely to be a problem if you are applying this coming year. If you are set on a maths degree then it might be worth applying in a gap year. One thing that you should consider is what happened in your maths modules was it that you were just having a bad day or that you didn't work hard enough or is it that you didn't understand the content of the paper. If you are struggling with the subject matter as hard as it is maybe you should consider if a maths degree would really be the right option for you.

    When it comes to your A2 plans I think it would be sensible to do 3A2's as opposed to 2 as doing 2 might close some doors for you.

    I think that now an important thing to do is to take some time and think about what you want, maybe in September have a talk with a teacher or careers adviser.

    WOW you're doing the exact same AS subjects as I am (business studies, maths, ict and religious studies) :eek: except ICT was so boring, although I was doing quite well in it, I felt I've never really been interested in ict, and since I'm more of an arty person I decided to change it to Art (that was approx half way through the course). So, as a result, I've had to catch up immensely and still am. But so far I've got full marks for all my current units, so it was worth it. What I think you should do is drop your weakest subject, either maths or rs, since you want the best possible grades you can get at A2. And another thing is to be sure of the subjects you chose, so you don't do the mistake I did.

    If you really want to do a maths degree you'd be far better off doing further maths A level. You have a massive knowledge gap to close, aside form ability.

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