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    1. today we were filming, as we had to look the same as before. A girl as is everyone the same - the girl i like went and said '(insert my name) didnt have the piece of hair falling down the side of his face.
    2. she sees me as the leader, as she called me a ****. In a jokey way because she says I am bossy.
    3. last week sat together as a group, I had my arm on the back of her chair for the whole time. she didnt mind (she must of noticed surly).
    4. In the group chat on whatsapp, the shy girl said we all looked adorable in the video. I dont know why but I wrote 'yeah your cute as ****' she replied back and said 'aw that makes me emotional' and put a kiss on the end

    im just so afriad to ask her out

    Girls like confident guys trust me as a girl I know. Go ahead and ask her out and from what I can see she definantly gave u hints.

    do you want to be hit by a truth bomb right now?
    the best thing that ever happened to me (concerning my success with girls) was *assuming* that they liked me.
    even if they didn't, the fact that I approached the situation(s) as if they might or even *did* like me meant that I had the necessary confidence to go forward with the ones that actually did.
    right now in my life I hardly meet girls - my friends all seem to have girlfriends and they never go out with me (as going out is basically just a way of trying to score to me - I don't seem to get other opportunities to meet girls) so if you happen to have an opportunity to get together with a girl you like - use it! imagine how I'm feeling! I'm 23 and I've had sex with only about 4 girls (a whole world of missed opportunities lies in my past, sadly) whereas my friends have had sex with 10+ at least. I'm even sitting at my PC right now so horny that I'm contemplating getting a hooker with what little $ I have left. I'm reading the description of one of them now on a website; "I Do very good massage , I will use my soft hands to massage all your body" she can't even speak english very well ffs
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