How many quotes to remember for A-Level English Literature

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I'm going to do a closed box exam on four texts (King Lear, Doctor Faustus, Enron and Chaucer) They each have about ten major themes so I was gonna memorise five for each theme but that's already 250 quotes not including crit comments and character quotes any ideas? And if you got an A for English lit, how did you revise?
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I feel like 5 quotes for each of the 10 themes is abit excessive and can be slightly demotivating when it comes to revising. Just remember that you'll be studying the texts in detail in class anyway so you'll automatically remember quite a few of the quotations without having to purposefully sit down and memorise them! It may help to find quotes which overlap in different themes. For example in Antony and Cleopatra there was a quote which goes something like Antony's attention 'bends and turns' away from Rome. This could be used for the theme of Weakness, Attitudes of the Romans and Love (as Antony is focusing on Cleopatra more than he is on Rome). Sorry that was a pretty bad example but it's the best I can think of from the top of my head. I was 2 pesky UMS away an A, I basically bombed my A2 exam but got an A at AS and and A in my coursework at A2. Definitely speak to your teacher and see how many quotations he/she would recommend you memorise.

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