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Working in a holiday sales call centre? watch

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    Basically I am having a huge dilemma, everyone's advise is conflicting and I need to make a decision today! Please help! Should I take the job? Are call centres really awful?

    I am currently in a full time apprenticeship doing an NVQ in business administration at an estate agency which gives me a variety of stuff to do each day. I've been here a couple of years now and really like my colleagues, the flexibility for holidays and days off is fantastic as I can basically take whenever I need, and I finally feel like I have a clue what I'm doing even though it can be very boring. I also only work in the afternoon, a 7 hour shift. Thing is, the money is just not liveable. On the apprenticeship I'm getting below £600 per month and to be honest I have already gained one qualification in the first year here so I'm not too bothered about getting another one. Since I told him about my offer the manager has offered to up my pay to £720 per month. Still nothing compared to the other job. I have had 2 warnings here though so if I slip up I will lose my job.

    I have now been offered a full time job in a holiday sales and bookings office. I would be sat in a huge room full of people on phones for the 8.5 hour shift 5 days per week, on around 14k.(with breaks and lunch). From what I've been told it won't be cold calls as it is just for one specific England based holiday resort company. I would just be taking calls from customers who were either looking to book their holiday or have already booked and want to make changes/ payments etc. There is the scope to make a little commission too.

    The only things putting me off are that its a 20 minute drive (opposed to 7 minutes to my current place) and I'm not sure how good I would be at the job, if I would fit in/hate it. I'm a quite shy person and scared about having to fit in with a new group of colleagues. If I hate it then I've left a decent job and won't get it back! I would also have to book all my holidays at the beginning of the year so if I want time off with short notice it would be a pain in the ass.

    My current place are also pretty good about the fact I have a tendency to be late about once per month when I'm on a 9am start. Dont judge me.

    I would have to start at 10:30 am every day at the new place which is pretty decent but means I have to work on my getting up earlier skills as I dont start till 12 at the moment.

    If you read this far then I am surprised lol, please tell me what you would do in my situation!!!! I've read horror stories about working in call centres, not sure if this is the same type of place though as its not cold calling. Anyone got experience working somewhere like this? Is it good, difficult, boring..?
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