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What's your favourite time of year? watch

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    With Halloween just having gone, and Bonfire Night/Christmas coming up, there are lots of exciting events happening at the moment! But what's your favourite time/event in the year, and why? :xmasgrin:

    Or are there are any holidays you particularly don't like? If so, why? :fuhrer:
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    Christmas/New Year because I don't have to work and I get to eat like a pig just like everyone else and not feel guilty about it

    (well maybe a bit...)

    It's also my birthday during that period

    Christmas :love:

    I used to be such a scrooge with Christmas up until a few years ago but after my grandpa became seriously ill, I realised that time is precious and every Christmas I still have with him is a blessing and it's a time when all worries, arguments and negativity get put to the side, even just for a day I also love all the decorations. I love lights and anything colourful :love: I don't mind Hogmanay but as soon as the bells go at midnight and everyone sings Auld Lang Syne, I'm usually the drunk person crying their eyes out typical Scot :teehee:

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    Christmas because I like the happy atmosphere and the majority of my good memories are from around Christmas time.

    Eid because of the food (bariyani) Eid is at different times of the year though ;/
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