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    I am a Pakistani resident studying currently in Pakistan, I needed advice from informative people about my future and what I should do next.

    At the time of my O levels(CIE) I wasn’t so serious about my studies as i only thought they would be needed for my A level admission and not for undergrad, so I screwed up and ended up with:
    June 2005
    Islamiat - B
    Urdu - B

    Nov 2005
    Statistics - B

    June 2006
    Mathematics - A
    Accounting - A
    Economics - B
    Business Studies - B
    English - C
    Pakistan Studies - B

    Which is not so good and I know I could’ve scored at least 6 A's as all my B's are higher B's. Now I am taking my A levels and have taken my AS level in June 07 and recently received my results:
    June 2007
    Accounting - A
    Mathematics - A
    Economics - B (88%)

    Now the problem is I regret not retaking my o level a year back but I still have time and I can give my at least one o level subject for which I am quite confident ill score a A grade in, On the other hand people have also advised me to give Psychology AS level(just AS) this Oct.

    Now i have three options
    1.Give two O Level Subjects and try to score 2 additional A grades.
    2.Leave my O Levels behind, it doesn’t matter now and give AS psychology and score AAAB in AS level.
    3.Give one O level subject(Commerce) along with AS psychology.

    I could go for other options depending upon how important they are, Ill be completing A levels for Maths, Accounting, Economics only and will only take two modules for Psychology. Also it is compulsory for me to take "General Paper" AS level from my school this Nov so then ill end up with 5 AS subjects but I don’t think i can score an A in general paper but quite confident on Psychology A.

    I will also be taking TOEFL before this December, haven’t decided on when to give it yes, i am also preparing for my "SAT 1" as local universities have it as requirement. So that’s a plus, also I think I can manage good predicted grades something like AAA in A levels or at least AAB

    I am aiming for the following Universities in UK:
    LSE (best option)

    I don’t know how much weight age universities give to O level grades if the do give a lot of weight age to them then I don’t think any of the above university will consider me properly.

    I don’t have much time to decide and have to take a decision in the next week at most. I haven’t yet registered for my CIE exams yet except for "General Paper".

    Thank you all for taking out time and reading my post, any help will be much appreciated.

    All of that summarized in one line
    How important are GCSEs and will i get anywhere with 2As in GCSEs, is it still too late to take O level exams ? or should i take an additional AS subjecy, help me select from the three options above.

    So what's your question? :s:

    Lmfao. Sorry, but you keep using "give" instead of "take" - your using the opposite word!:rolleyes:

    If your asking if GCSE's (o levels) are important, then yes of course they are! Especialy as a foreign student, there's alot of competition. The top uni's will almost certainly pay attention to your GCSE's.
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    First post edited, my bad
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    Another important question that i didnt point out and would like to know about is that, I am an A level student now and if i retake my Olevels at this stage will it matter?i mean is it too late? i mean the dates, because 2A 6B 1C isnt so good
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    So many views yet no proper advice x/

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