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    I apologise that its long, but I'm seriously confused right now.

    Hi, I just felt like making an account just for this. I'm a guy and go to a sixth form college. On Tuesday, I've been hanging around the college with a friend until I've been approached by a girl saying that her friend (lets call her A) 'Thinks, You're attractive and would like your number' to me. She was hiding behind another friend smiling and just peeking at me. So I gave her my number, then she called me but the signal was bad so I decided to text her instead...so here's the deal.

    - A asked for a picture of me when we started texting. So ive asked her to send me one. I've complemented her eyes and she just said 'Ooh ok'.
    - A's replies are really short, like 4 word answers.

    I've tried to make her feel more confident on text but that doesn't work, she didn't even want to come and talk face to face when I gave the number that day. She seems WONDERFUL, and she hasn't replied back all day.

    - I had to literally carry the text conversation all the time. I've written like x100 more words per text than A has (metaphorically speaking), I wanted to get a conversation going. She gave me an impression that she's shy, but I texted her this morning asking if she wants to meet up and she didn't even see the message yet (blue whatsapp ticks are not there).

    ***I have never met someone so complex like that. I feel like giving up because I felt like texting to a robot yesterday, and just want her to be more engaging .***

    I'll give you my two cents....
    I think I'd give it up. She doesn't sound ready to pursue anything more than having a crush. It you continue she is going to think you're trying too hard.... even though, in reality, you aren't and you're being kind. She just isn't ready to go further down the dating path with anyone and you can't take it personally. If she's not responding then I'd give it about a week and try again. If she doesn't respond then or with any more enthusiasm I'd just let it go and be glad your not going to get caught up with her insecurity. Best of Luck!
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