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Never been kissed (almost) watch

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    Kind of chose the title as a movie reference, but here I go anyway...

    So I'm 17, I wouldn't say I'm unattractive, I wouldn't say I'm completely socially weird, but the only girlfriend I've ever had was this girl who I went on one date with, she got a heart condition, went to hospital and then dumped me after six months - we didn't even get to first.
    I've tried with a bunch of girls, but no one's been interested. It might be okay if I had lots of friends, but I pretty much have one.
    And the story to go with that is, now he's going out with this horrible girl who completely led me on, then cancelled literally 5 minutes before we were meant to meet up... And it could be I'm jealous of him for being able to get her, but she's cheated on him like so many times I couldn't honestly say I am.
    Anyway, back to the point - I was at this friend's party, and we were playing never have I ever - and it seemed like literally everyone's had sex, or at least done oral... And I'm feeling pretty left out to be honest.
    And the thing to top it all off, when I went to the US to visit my family, there was this really hot girl I met (literally perfect 10, we even had lots of common interests etc.,) and one night (just before I was coming back to the UK), we went out, but by the time we got to hers, she'd passed out, and so I basically took her up to bed and made sure she didn't choke on her vomit whilst she slept or something.
    Anyway, to sum it up - I've had one awkward kiss on the lips, I've come close to doing something sexual but I never have, and I feel kind of crappy for not having a girlfriend or anything. Anyone have any advice on what to do? Thx

    you have to understand that you cant force someone to love you, you cant force someone to kiss you.

    You need to understand that you have to wait, I mean, come on, Im 16 and ive never had a boyfriend, but that doesnt mean I have given up.

    17 is still a young age, you have the rest of you're life to try again. Dont beat yourself up, the right person will come at the right time
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    [QUOTE=Frank Peters;68370484]you have to understand that you cant force someone to love you, you cant force someone to kiss you.

    yeah, I completely understand - like in that situation, I stayed behind to check that she was okay as I would have felt responsible if anything had happened.

    I get what you're saying it's just I do feel quite lame compared to everyone, and to be honest and not trying to brag, I don't really get why absolutely no one seems interested right now... ah well, may as well wait until my 30s when girls start to get desperate 😂
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