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    Hi everyone, i'm one of those people who never really took education seriously until maybe 12 months ago, i would of rather turned the school upside down and inside out at every moment i got. Now fast forward and i'm applying for universities.

    I never really thought about it before but if i did want to go to uni, at the end of it i'd want to be a doctor to be honest. im currently studying business and IT at btec level but i should get into the foundation year for clinical science and ive heard that if i do well enough i can transfer to Leeds and do medicine there, now obviously i didnt do very well in my GCSE's i scraped 5 C's in all the important subjects such as science (double award) english and maths and also ECDL. if i do absolutely smash this foundation year will my GCSE's be looked at by leeds university and could if affect my chances of getting into medicine?

    In addition to this what other courses at uni do i apply for lol because only Bradford seem to do the clinical science foundation year which is odd imo, and what should i base my personal statement around.

    Any advice will be very helpful seen as though i feel like a lamb about to get slaughtered right now, thanks


    Honestly, I don't think the Foundation route is for you yet. They are generally for people who do poorly because of contextual factors such as poorly performing schools, from really deprived or difficult backgrounds (young people in care, refugees, etc.) - not because of attitude, as you have readily admitted is your flaw. You haven't done nearly enough research into this either, I can't answer your GCSE query, but if you e-mailed the course provider or read every word on their programme prospectus page, they no doubt will. It's good that you've asked a question in general, but I would recommend you read all the threads on Bradford Clinical Sciences that exist on TSR, there are plenty. You are not guaranteed a transfer to Medicine; you need to score 70% in your first year - easier said than done, AND be successful at interview. Make no mistake either, the Clinical Sciences course is not a walk in the park to get into as you propose it is from your post, especially with unrelated qualifications, and although the BTECs are marketed as 'equivalents', they do not demand as much from you as A-Levels nor indeed the first year of that degree will. I basically mean to say that if you had A-Levels in humanities subjects you might be afforded to say you 'should' get in.

    Personally if I were you this is what I would do.
    1. Drop out of those BTECs now. If being a doctor is what you want to do those qualifications are a complete waste of time.
    2. Use the rest of this academic year to self-study to re-sit Maths & English, Science if you can aim for As/A*s. If you have really 'changed' and are taking education seriously now this is a good way to show it. You can easily do this within 6 months if you focus. It will cost you a little bit of money, but you can find providers online.
    3. In 2017 go back to college and study Chemistry & Biology A-Levels and 1 other A-Level of your choosing.
    4. Start volunteering/doing paid work ASAP; ideally in a healthcare/caring/community environment. Think deeply about the things you do. Read related literature.
    5. If you can get around BBB in your A-Levels this will open the door to more Foundation courses.
    6. All of the above will help you with a personal statement. Use the time to really grow.

    Not everybody who does Medicine has come from a background where they have a solid work ethic from day 1. Most do, but some don't. I'm trying not to judge you because you have provided such limited information. But the real question here is do you REALLY want to be a doctor or are you starstruck by some kind of desire for respect, money, etc. Because it's not a glamorous life. It requires sacrifice and discipline. Those qualities take time to develop, which is why the 18 year olds who get into Medicine first time around, generally have been getting As from the moment they could take their first exam. If you consider my steps above, this will help you decide if it's really what you want to do. If you can't be arsed going about this in whatever way it takes for you to succeed, Medicine is not for you.
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