The simile of the cave tells us nothing of reality. Discuss. 40 marks

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Can anyone please help me with this? I need a few good points.

The simile of the cave tells us nothing of reality. 40 marks
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It doesn't because:
- Can't prove the forms/ Form of the good exists (can't be empirically verified)
- The allegory (or simile) of the cave is nothing more than a story. As Aristotle said, Plato was 'stuck in a fantasy

It does because:
- In modern society, we just believe what were told (don't question)
- We are all born into a world chasing 'fake truths' i.e. wealth, love etc. when that isn't what we really need (similar to the cave dwellers)

Those are some points that should help you out!
Have a lovely day
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The allegory of plato's cave comes from a branch in philosophy called epistemology. Pronounced e-pist-em-ol-ogy. Epistemology is concerned with the theory of knowledge.
How it is usually explained is that there are several prisoners chained in a cave and are facing a wall. Behind them is a fire and in front of the fire there are people walking with certain objects in their hands. These objects cast shadows on the walls, which are the only things that the prisoners know about reality.
One day, one of the prisoners is freed from the cave and escapes the cave. However, when the prisoner goes out of the cave, at first he is blinded by the sun. Although, after a little while he adjusts to the environment around him and how the sun shines. This is considered what the true reality is.
Eventually the prisoner goes back to the cave to tell his peers of his revelation. Unfortunately when they react they do not believe him at all and say to never speak of it again. His peers are considered the people who accept reality for what it is, without questioning what knowledge they have is actually the truth.
However, the prisoner who had been freed, is considered the philosopher as he is questioning what he knows about reality and what is the actual truth to what we see.
I know that this probably doesn't answer your question very well, but it is always a good start to know about the background information before making assumptions of what the allegory actually is.

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