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    Me, my (academic) self and I
    I'm in year 11 :afraid: so in May 2017, I will be sitting my GCSEs! I have already done the RS GCSE, which I got an A* in (97 UMS!) I need to keep up with my revision, so I'm starting this thread to do so!

    At the moment (04/11/16), my predictions are:

    Biology (Edexcel iGCSE) -A*
    Chemistry (Edexcel iGCSE) - A*
    English Language (AQA, new spec) - 8
    English Literature (AQA, new spec) - 8
    French (Edexcel) - A
    Geography (OCR A) - A
    Latin (OCR) - A*
    Maths (Edexcel, new spec) - 9
    Physics (Edexcel iGCSE) - A*
    Psychology (AQA) - A*
    Spanish (Edexcel) - A

    I know that my predicted grades seem wonderful, but I won't be able to get them if I don't revise. This thread will help me to start revising!

    Me, my (personal) self and I
    I have always been one of those people who didn't need to revise, and still got the grades, and although I can do this for GCSEs I won't be able to for A Levels, so I'm trying to get into the habit of revising daily! I always find it SO hard to get motivated to revise, for a number of reasons, and I need to start doing more work after school. I am an incredibly lazy person - hopefully this thread will stop me from being so lazy!

    A levels (and further...)
    Right now, I want to study Physics, Biology, Maths and a language at A Level. I'm definitely thinking about going into zoology after A Levels, but let's see if I change my mind!

    Before I get started:
    Feel free to advise me on anything! I will probably be talking about many personal things (since I am the kind of person that LOVES to talk about themselves), any advice or constructive criticism is definitely wanted! I am also new to TSR, and if anyone wants to talk to me, feel free!

    Love the parks and rec reference I wish I could be as good as Leslie Knope at revising (and, everything)
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    (Original post by epage)
    Love the parks and rec reference I wish I could be as good as Leslie Knope at revising (and, everything)
    Duuude me too! I have the quote: "be the Leslie Knope of whatever you do" and I'm trying to motivate myself to revise (and Leslie Knope is great motivation)

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    It is the 9th of November, there are (officially) 26 days until my mocks!)

    I am incredibly worried, especially because last week I was sick. I missed out on SO much time that I could have spent doing some work.
    This week has been my most productive week since September! On the weekend, I redecorated my desk, to try to motivate me while I revise.
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    I went to the library on Saturday, from 11am-4pm. I got my French catch-up from Monday done, and I also got all of my other homework done. On Monday, I got more catch up (yay:unimpressed::unimpressed:) and I did my French catch up on Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday, after I finished my catch-up, I did some Latin Literature revision. I finished my Latin homework today, and I have (almost) finished my chemistry homework! Hopefully tomorrow I will have more time to do a proper revision session!

    (I have no idea how this formatting works, hopefully it looks good!)
    ALSO! I have just discovered the Forest app - and it is AMAZING!
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    Loving your blog so far! I've started my own too, which is currently being reviewed I think, and you've definitely provided some inspiration! The photos really help to show your studying style (and I'm nosy, so I enjoy photos haha)

    Also, I love the Forest app too! Growing all the little trees is such good motivation, and I used the app so much during my GCSE's, especially when on study leave when my days lacked any sort of structure

    All the best with your blog and with GCSEs! By the sound of things, you should do really well
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