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    I get on with my colleagues and we do have outings with work, and its not bad. However one of my friends and even my parents were very adamant with me telling colleagues about interviews. I mean some of my colleagues tell me they have other interviews elsewhere and can be supportive with each other about this.

    However my friend was saying you should never tell anyone at work you have an interview. It best to keep quite about it as people can get jelous and it can look bad if word gets out.

    What do you think ? Im thinking if I do get another interview im going to keep quite about it, I would rather talk to people about it, but i'll keep quite this time.
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    I would advise against it is nesccary, or if you have to give as little information as possible.

    It's best if you start getting more than one interview to inform your line manager - as taking multiple times off can raise alarm bells. Then your colleagues will find out. But restrict how much you tell them.

    I made the fatal error of telling all to colleagues I trusted about interviews, jobs I've turned down etc. Feedback I received. Because I told my line manager anyway and he's been supportive. However little did I know this was being fed back to another manager in my team who wasn't so pleased, who has made work a little bit More uncomfortable now.

    Think about it this way - once your looking for other work, you've already got one foot out the door and work loyalties with some people may not stay the same once they know the loyalty to your team isn't there (because you're looking for other work). Some people will keep it too themselves and not care - but you're opening yourself out to a lot of office rumours and chat - the less you share the less they can use.

    It depends on your work environment. In my last job I told a couple of colleagues I was leaving before telling my boss as we were close and I was very confident they wouldn't pass it on, it was also a normal way to be with colleagues. However in a lot of workplaces it's just safer to keep quiet about these things.
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