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GROW YOUR GRADES 2017: My Revision Journey watch

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    HI!!! I am actually new to the student room I don't know much about it but I thought I would just give grow your grades challenge a go.

    My educational history hasn't been too great so far, but I'm hoping to make amends and get into UNI


    ENGLISH: D (4 UMS of a C )

    I was very disappointed about English didn't think I would do so bad - this is what I want to do for UNI
    MY AIM IS ABB-BBB, unis I'm thinking about are Queen Mary, Brunel, Goldsmiths

    I am aiming to update this at least weekly to share revision tips and gain ideas
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    So far today - finishing off first draft for English lit coursework:

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    My two books:
    The Lonely Londoners by Sam Selvon
    The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

    My question:
    Insiders and Outsiders: Compare the presentation of socio-political identity in the White Tiger and The Lonely Londoners

    Any ideas will be appreciated
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    OK so its been two weeks since I last updated but I NOW FEELING THE STRESS OF BEING AN A2 STUDENT. In all honesty, I underestimated the willpower and determination I need to get through the year.
    SO FAR:
    1) I changed my EPQ title like last week so I am seriously behind and need to fit in extra time to catch up. My question is Does Islam value women?

    2) Its mock week starting the 28th of November so not am I only going over year 12 stuff for the actual exam, I need to revisit everything I've done in this year.

    3) I need to go over my English coursework as well as revising A streetcar named Desire and poetry

    4) I need to complete my personal statement, I feel like it is rubbish but my aim is to hand it in by the end of November if I have any chance of getting offers.

    Sorry for the rant but the stress is on.
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    Mock week just over...exams were OK. I think I did alright for English and Psychology. Sociology was a little more meeh. I don't know if it is just me but I really struggle to revise for Sociology, I mean I find the subject alright like it is easy to understand but when it comes to revision I'm lost. Need to work on it.

    Going to the library tomorrow and I'm going to make that a routine now.

    Almost Christmas!!! Still haven't sent off my UCAS application it should be happening this week . 3 weeks left until the whole first term is over I only have two terms left of sixth form :eek:. In these 3 weeks I need to revise revise revise.

    EPQ DEADLINE - 19th November - Fit in a visit to a Church and a Mosque.

    Just a random post on what Ive been up to.
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    Also found a local cafe for revision - extremely friendly and cheap food. Recommended revision place.
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    DEPRESSED - got my grades back for psychology a B (2 marks off an A) and for sociology got a D (1 mark off a C). I don't know whats up with me because in AS Sociology was my best subject.

    ANNOYED tbh.
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    OH NO! It's been a long time since I have updated my blog. In terms of school work, I have almost completed my English coursework, definitely will be done by the end of this week.

    I had a conversation with my psychology teacher who is dyslexic, and I am almost certain that I have it. It does affect my learning a lot, the way I learn; I need to constantly learn visually I find textbook learning difficult, I find proof reading extremely hard. I think this is why I have struggled with exams throughout my life, especially ones with extended writing. I am able to understand the question, form an answer in my head but struggle to express my answer in written form. I would like to get help for this but a professional diagnosis could cost anywhere between £300 - £500. I don't see why such a basic diagnosis is so expensive, and without such a diagnosis it is very difficult to get the help I need to manage my dyslexia. Sorry for the rant but more needs to be done.

    Back to school stuff; psychology is going well and so is is sociology. I may need to redo my timetable as I am simply not sticking to it.
    This is just a random update because it has been so long.
    Good luck everyone.
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    Due to my school's sheer lack of organisation, I was told last Tuesday that my mocks are the following week. They are on drama, so Hamlet which we as a class have just about finished reading and done literally no work on it. So I have literally done a crash course revision session over the weekend on Hamlet using york notes revision guide, which is very helpful for anyone studying English. My other mocks are on prose so handmaids and frankenstein on wednesday (haven't done frankenstien since year 12 so another crash course is going to take place tomoz). Anyways my mocks for other subjects are taking place in 2 weeks time but im gonna start revision real soon in order to get good grades.

    ON THE OTHER HAND, SOME HAPPY NEWS i got all my uni offers YAYYYY!
    1) Queen Mary
    2) Brunel
    3) City University London
    4) Greenwich
    5) Southbank

    Any advice on what uni i should pick would be appreciated.
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