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Will I look like a stalker? watch

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    I had a fling with a guy who lives a couple of streets away from me, which ended a few weeks ago. It didn't end terribly, but it will be a bit awkward if we pump into one another.

    However, I am currently thinking of moving gyms. Currently, I spend over £50 on my gym membership and whilst I really like it I am starting to think it's excessive and want to explore my options. The best option is a gym which is a five minute walk from house and costs £18 a month. My plan is to freeze my current gym membership for a couple of months whilst I try out the cheaper one.

    However, I am concerned whether I am going to look like a stalker because the guy I had a fling with uses the same gym and I think he walks past my house every day to go to it. Will this make me look like a stalker? I don't see why I should have to not use a gym because I may bump into him but equally I don't want him to think I'm a bunny boiler!

    no it's not, from what you're saying, you want to move gyms because the other one is cheaper; whereas if you wanted to move with the intention of "going to the same gym as him to see what he's up to", then that would be stalking

    Na, you won't look like a stalker. Not to say to watch him, but see if he goes at a certain time and if you really want to avoid him, go when he doesn't go. If you don't mind, maybe go with a couple friends and when you see him and he talks to you, act like you didn't know he went and totally chill and have fun. I go to the same gym as a guy that I had a crush and I told I liked him...didn't end well! My friends are his friends and some of his friends are my friends. We open the door for each other and smile but rarely talk.

    Perhaps if you go, it might make things less awkward between yous.

    P.S. I still have a crush on him!

    I mean you could totally ignore my advice and stay at the £50 pound gym but it's completely your choice.

    It *may* look like it to him, but it doesn't matter. You're not stalking him.

    Stalking is the intentional following of someone to cause them distress, or undesired attention. I've done the research.

    You're fine.
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