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    I graduated from University this summer and went to work straight away.
    My role was meant to be administrative but I was told that I would be given some practical work. Basically what the graduate trainees were given.

    I stayed for six months and finally quit last week because I was depressed and frustrated. I felt my boss was taking advantage of me and the tasks I was given left me feeling stupid. I had worked my whole life towards a legal career,I recently attended an event at a Law firm and I realised that this is not something I want.

    I am not sure if I am saying this because I do not have the grades or because I think I only pursued a legal career because I believed lawyers are respected and intelligent (this being what I want to be). Now I am confused,I have no sense of direction and I am very worried. I feel like I am running out of time and it is getting very difficult for me to carry on. I have horrible thoughts about ending it all. I realise that a lot of people do experience this and eventually find something they like but I do not see this happening. I have been chasing something I didn't want or think I don't want and now I have nothing left to chase.

    It is quite possible to find another career! Not everyone gets it right on the first go or even has one true calling; maybe law was right for you when you started your degree but not now? Nonetheless, I think you should try to get a placement at another law firm because you may have just had a bad experience at your first graduate job. What area of law was it in? I've done two summers of internship at a political and human rights law firm and even though I don't want to go into law any more, it was still interesting and the people were amazing.

    If you really know you don't want to do law, you should research as many career options as you can get with your law degree (I'm assuming that's what you did?). A law degree is actually pretty versatile as it shows you are a hard-working and diligent individual. Maybe you even have some entrepreneurial spirit that you didn't recognise and could start your own business?

    Wanting to be respected and intelligent is perfectly valid although I think you need to validate yourself first (which I know can be difficult if you are feeling depressed). You can be respected and intelligent in any career.

    The most important thing is that time is definitely NOT running out, you are just a graduate and have plenty of time to work yourself out.
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