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I have mocks this December, and I have no idea how to revise for them. It's seriously stressing me out, I've never really revised properly before.

For GCSE's, I just read from a textbook, and it did alright, like I passed, but I didn't get the grades I was predicted to get.

I know people keep going on about flash-cards, how do you even make those and how do you make notes? I really just need help, I want to pass, with flying colours.

Helping me will mean the world for me.
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Hi there! Revising you say?

Okay, so it's all about managing your time. So effectively using your free time. But don't go way too over the top! Don't get too stressed! I'd say at least doing the minimum of a hour a day and 2 hours max. Then there is how you revise. Making notes can be quite useful if you construct them the right way. By this I mean don't copy from the textbook for word for word, instead try getting a highlighter and underlining the main key points within the sentence. This way you're breaking down the mumble-jumble into your own words and should stick into your memory. They say using yellow paper is great for remembering stuff! Mind-maps can also be useful. Add the main focual theme in the centre e.g. American Civil Rights and annotate around it with either detailed notes or summarised ones. I find that it is also effective to find past papers to do with your subject and practice having a go at the question. Making a timeline could be useful. And what I've recently found is you could try using Student Room's own Get Revising to make online flash cards, quizzes and detailed notes that can be shared to other students like yourselves.

Reading from a textbook does help some but I feel like the information doesn't sink in as effectively as making your own notes.

Anymore advice, don't be shy to ask! Hope this helps!

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