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Don't like partners family or friend watch

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    Basically I just don't get along with the in-laws! I know this might be more common than I imagine, and many people struggle to make a connection with their significant others family, but I just feel like they don't like me.

    I think its doubly an issue because she's the woman, and her family are strongly opinionated, 'busy-body' and interfering types.

    They are the sort that do things for you, and take credit later down the line, and then mention all they've done for you to make you feel bad.

    For example, they got us on to renting this house (of which their family friend had it before us), they gave us a tumble-dryer, and other stuff. I feel like they do it to be the centre of attention, and want to be praised for it.

    But they did it purely for their daughter's happiness, and have said before to me that 'its none of my business if they don't like me'; its whether their daughter likes me. In other words, we're civil to you for the sake of our daughter.

    My Mother-in-Law has said things about my mother to me before, saying my mother is just clinging on to me as her beloved son, and I should do XYZ, and I found it a bit insensitive and rude of her.

    Other times, they'll ring up and ask my partner if she's okay, and seem overly-concerned and I once heard that my M-I-L told my partner to ditch me prior to me moving over- because I wasn't moving over immediately.

    They can be sarcastic and dismissive and very selfish. They make a point if we haven't been to see them in a while, yet my Mother lives 150 miles away, I rarely see her or speak with her- yet she never complains and nothing is ever said about not going to see my Mother. They think the world revolves around them.

    Top this off, my partners best friend doesn;t like me gets jealous, we live together and her and her partner are always on their high horse and complain we never clean our house and always have something to say. Partners best friend goes out with my partners brother.

    So I;m always around their family and close friends, I feel a bit on my own. As partners best friend gets on with them well, known each other for years. Just feel like im in their pockets.

    What can I do?

    Get over it?

    They're family. They aren't changing. As for friends, you can't dictate what or who your partner sees. If you did, that would make you a terrible human being.

    So, yes: Get over it.
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