friendly or flirting? Agh it's driving me nuts Watch

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Well, as the title suggests, I have indeed developed a crush on someone and I can't tell if he's being friendly or flirting.
I take part in the Officer Training Corps at University and there is a very good looking fella who is a JUO (basically a third year who is in charge of a 'section' of about 10 first years).
Initially I saw this person and thought that I would have no contact with him as 1 - he was hot asf and 2 - I wasn't in his section.
However, on the first weekend I was erecting a tent and he came over, introduced himself and immediately asked my name, which to my surprise he remembered (there were many of us). Subsequently he gave a presentation and he kept smiling at me. Bit odd. Also sorts out my uniform for me - again odd as his own section was floundering a bit. Fast forward a week or two and he remembers my name and gives me the odd smile. I know I am making a thing about the name but literally know one remembered anyone's name until about 1 month in. He continues to remember my name and uses it all the time e.g even when passing me a note pad...
Fast forward more...see him the other night. Ask him for help even though his own section was struggling again. Helps me and asks me how my week has been. Has a little smile playing round his lips. Recognises me in the middle of the night and addresses all the questions to our group at me. Next day I rock up having torn my trousers on an exercise and look like I've been dragged through a swamp. He laughs and gently takes the mick. DOES THIS TO NO ONE ELSE. Throughout the day teases me a little bit more 'you alright how's it going now you've finished' etc.
In an ordinary context I know this isn't really frequent enough to be defined as anything but friendly, however I only see him maybe once a week. Another thing to remember is - he doesn't really do this with other girls in the company, he is often grumpy but if I speak to him is always very nice and again always says/remembers my name and has a little smile on his lips. I've not had the chance to speak to him at socials or in any further depth because it's always busy. I have heard that he is sometimes nervous around women - although don't know why?
I never catch him glimpsing at me, he never tries to talk to me over social media etc. And of course, the big one, he is a 10, I'm a 7 at best...
Help me decide!
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I think the real test is looking at how he talks to other girls (I assume you're a girl). Some guys are just flirty without even meaning to be so if he treats other girls the same it's probably just that. However, if it's just you he treats like this then, well...
At the end of the day, there's no harm in asking him to coffee/cinema, if he says no you can just apologise and move on. It's better than pining for months on end.

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