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So I am trying to decide what to drop for my A-Levels I am doing Psychology, Drama, P.E and Biology and I have figured out that I extremely dislike Biology (I really enjoyed it at GCSE but I think due to the way my teacher teaches I cannot stand it, she goes way too fast to even care sometimes). However I have heard rumours around my school that Biology is basically worthless at AS-Level and is considered much higher when taken for the full 2 years.

Do I drop it due to me just not liking it anymore and finding it difficult but then leave with a crappy AS-Level or try and power on through it. Would love to see all opinions.
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To be honest it really depends on what you'd like to do after alevels, university course wise. If you're still unsure about your future plans keeping biology may help keep your options open. If it's the teaching that puts you off go to a different teacher and ask them to explain it or get together with friends and form a study group so you can go through it together or read up before hand so you know what your teacher is talking about in class. Don't let the teaching put you off if you understand the specification and do well in the subject. I wanted to drop Biology too and was so close to doing so until my teacher convinced me otherwise. Sometimes I wish I picked chemistry instead but I don't regret taking biology since I met my best friend in that lesson 😂

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