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I first met this guy two years ago and felt this sudden attraction towards him. I met him when I was out shopping one day and happened to go into his workplace. I don't want to sound like an idiot, but my heart pounded as my stomach was doing somersaults when he looked into my eyes. His smile was infectious, so I couldn't help but to smile back at him. I feel like such an idiot for feeling all weak at the knee's for someone I barely know. I often now see him around town and a few months ago, I saw him on a night out. He stopped to say hi and told me that he recognised my from that day. I felt so chuffed and amazing that he remembered me, I just kept smiling to myself. But now, I always feel like I'm looking for him constantly when I'm out - and I do see him - nearly every Saturday night!! He always says hi to me, but I get too shy and awkward when he does. I really want to tell him how I feel, but I just feel so embarrassed, what should I do?!? I think about him all the time, am I crazy??
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Well, it sounds like you have a proper crush!! Pretty standard..... palpitating heart, stomach doing flips etc. along with looking for him hoping for a 'chance' encounter that isn't always by chance because you kind of put yourself in the position to make sure you just 'happen' to be at the same location. A strong crush is emotionally powerful.

Now..... what to do. Well, do you notice him w/ a girl? You don't mention it so I'm assuming you think he is single. If that is the case then since he is already saying 'hi' and has acknowledged that he remembered seeing you, you can now consider him an acquaintance. The way I see it you have two choices: 1.) Go strike up a conversation with him that lasts longer than 'hi' or 2.) Continue to feel shy and awkward and have it go nowhere. I don't recommend telling him how you feel.... get to know him first. If you choose to do (1) then go up and ask how work is going, periodically tilt your head while you listen and smile! Be prepared with another open ended question that makes him give a longer answer than just yes or not. If he says something funny laugh..... not over the top.... but acknowledge you recognize the humor. You could even say something like I feel like I should get to know you better now that I see you so many places. If you're inclined you could offer to buy him a drink (hopefully he'll buy you one first). You could even suggest meeting up for coffee. Hopefully through that you'll get an indication if you two 'click' - if conversation is fluid (although it's not always in the beginning so don't read too much into it)..... watch to see if he's trying to initiate and continue the conversation.

Now, I will tell you the story of my super crush. I had a total crush on a guy for about 1 1/2 yrs when I was in high school. We'd pass each other every single day and I always tried to sneak a look. Sometimes we made eye contact, usually we didn't. I know he knew who I was because we had mutual friends but our social paths never crossed. He was a grade ahead of me. I would see him around occasionally and always had the same physical reaction you described. Then one summer after I had graduated I went away on holiday with my two older sisters. We get to the resort and who is there..... MY CRUSH and a guy friend that I knew!!! I couldn't even believe it!! What were the odds?? Guess what I did ? Absolutely NOTHING!!! I, immaturely and stupidly, acted like I didn't know either of them!! So ridiculous! I felt like he must have been out of my league and if I tried to talk to him I would have embarrassed myself. That is how I felt at the time.... now looking back at it I wonder if I hadn't over thought it and just went up to the guy I knew and started talking and said 'hi' to my crush maybe I could have at least gotten to know him better and then..... who knows. I'll never know because I was shy. They were older than me and since I was with my older (and married) sisters they didn't come up to me either. Opportunity lost for me. Okay...... things have turned out okay regardless. You move on and find new guys to crush on!

You're already at an advantage that your crush acknowledges you and continues to when you see him! Seize the opportunity and to talk and get to know him better! Good Luck!

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