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Ok so currently I am studying a biological sciences degree in the US, basically it's focus is human biology, genetics and histology; I'm also going for a minor in chemistry which provides me with intermediate organic chemistry and biochemistry, and virology. I am torn between three disciplines: Biomedical science, clinical science, and medicine.

I am generally interested in pathology so I thought clinical science might be best for me. Though I dont know if its worth going for a masters in this field, or what the certification process is like if you try to do it with a biological sciences degree. I could study the equivalent in the US, which is called medical technology and goes over clinical biochemistry alongside courses like haemotology, microbiology, and all other lab diagnostic techniques and -ology courses. I'm not sure if it's transferable, but the course content does seem quite similar.

My issue with the above is that I had to spend this entire year for the sake of two pre req courses for medical tech, so I rounded out my schedule with a ton of biology classes to keep myself busy, but at this rate I will finish the biological sciences degree before that of the med tech as it takes an additional two years to complete from next september (If I were to even get into the programme.)

I considered entering medical school to go for pathology. I heard recently in the US that pathology is difficult to get into as its not in demand; would I face the same problem in the UK?

Some things are confusing when trying to compare between countries like the difference between medical tech and clinical science. They do seem equivalent, but Im wondering if it is just better to do the UK version, as the certification time is shorter if you enter with a biology related degree right?
In the US it is essentially like the first year of medical school. However, I was worried about how clinical science may transfer if I determined that I would like to go into medical school after working in the field for a few years.

From what I read on some other posts biomedical and clinical science are basically the same in the UK, but in the US they seem to be quite a bit different with biomedical science being a research based discipline so its more attractive to those looking to conduct research or go back into academia. Though Im not sure if that is correct from the UK point of view.

I know that I would like to work in pathology, but Im uncertain how biomedical science, clinical science, and medicine all differ from one another and if a biological sciences/chemistry bachelors degree would be sufficient to get into any of these programmes?
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It took me a while to work out what you were asking! Here's a link to the Royal College of Pathologists' website which has info on career paths but you may want to consider whether this will be recognised/relevant if you want to go back to the US to work. Also bear in mind that your work in the US may not be recognised here and you may have to start over in terms of gaining qualifications. Why are you wanting to transfer?

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