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I'm currently in my 5th year (undergraduate masters) of my degree having completed my honours year last year. I find myself thinking about leaving with my honours and not completing the masters. We are half way through the first semester. I don't feel happy doing what I'm doing and feel like I'm not going to perform as well as I'm capable due to my lack of motivation. I've found myself feeling really depressed and stressed about uni and everything and really don't know if I'd be making a mistake leaving without the masters or if it would be a mistake to carry on and be miserable for the rest of the course.

I also understand that some think its a case of holding on for 7 months and just getting it done but I see it more of a slog and a huge push of lots of hard work to get to the end rather than just holding on. I'm also aware this is a massive life choice so would appreciate any advice that could be given.
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Have a look at what it means for your career to have the masters or go without. If everyone in your profession sticks it out, then you will be at a disadvantage when you apply for jobs. Sometimes you have to knuckle down. Talk to grads in your subject who have left in the fourth year. Is there any chance you can just pospone your studies and take a break?

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