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    Hello folks,

    Hope you're having a fab day!

    I have found myself in a rather non-traditional situation (and one I would have not imagined 2 years ago, when I was finishing my A Levels) so I have come to you for a bit of impartial advice as my family is pretty biased about the whole university thing (they think it is the be-all and end-all of my career as they all come from quite academic backgrounds and don't know that there are viable alternatives).

    I will try and keep this brief as I know that tl;dr is a big problem on forums so here is a rough timeline:
    August 2014 - receive pretty appalling AS Level results (combination of problems at home/puberty making me a bit lame etc.) Also I mean appalling as compared to what I was expecting/was predicted to get; this is pretty subjective. As I still had ambitions to go to a prestigious university I decided to do a few resits and try and pull my final A Level grades up a bit. Obviously this meant that I would have to take a gap yah' and apply for 2016 entry, but I was okay with that.

    August 2015 - my plan worked; I got A Level grades I was happy with. This was now the start of my gap year. However, because of all the re-sits I decided to do, I was completely exhausted and couldn't even bear to think about education any time soon.

    September 2015 - my relationship with my dad hadn't been great for a few years now so I was very happy to move out at the first opportunity. I got a full-time job working as a customer service person at a cinema and moved into a small flat. I have always been quite good at taking care of myself so moving out was quite a smooth process.

    October 2015 - I got offered a 9 to 5 office job which paid a few grand more so I took that on. Still pretty reluctant to apply to uni due to academic exhaustion.

    January 2016 - Application deadline for 2016 passes. I don't really mind as I am happy with my current situation so I decide to apply for 2017 instead.

    July 2016 - Get offered a job working at a university as a data analyst. Another pay rise opportunity and the job itself is more interesting so I accept. This is where I am currently working now.

    September 2016 - Send off UCAS applications for 2017 entry. The courses I applied for are all Economics/Politics related.

    October 2016 - Get offered another promotion. I am now going to be earning around £20,000 a year. Looking at graduate salaries, I would be expected to earn this much after I graduate from a 3 year expensive degree.

    My question is, in light of all of this, is it really worth for me to go to university now? I will simply be putting myself into loads of debt and missing out on 3 years of what could potentially be career advancement opportunities just to end up at square one - earning as much as I earn now? My main worries are:
    1) My family will probably disown me (not really, but I can imagine them being very disappointed)
    2) Have I just been really lucky up until this point? Is my career progression just going to come to a halt now?
    3) Where is the glass ceiling that I am going to hit by not having a degree? Is there one or can I work my way up to anything?

    Would be really interesting to hear your guys thoughts on this if anyone has been in a similar situation or has any opinions.


    Really does depend on how far you think you can hit? If you carry on the route you are on now you can work yourself up and if you are enjoying it then id not bother with uni. If you want to go into a specific field and want a job in that field then id suggest going to uni. That my opinion.

    I'd be happy with 20k if I enjoyed my job. It depends how much you want to be making and if you really think a degree would help you get it. Talk to your employer about moving up, or look around for a new job; some companies will help pay for you to do certain degrees part-time.
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