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Please help!

I've been dating this girl for 9 months, and I kee feeling like I should break up with her. Here's the problem:

We started out as best friends, then one thing led to another and we started hooking up. At first I was hesitant to remain exclusive because I didn't like/love her. But over time I started to really love her and I decided to ask her out. For the next few months I continually got this feeling like I wasn't IN LOVE with her but that I just loved her. This girl is pretty but overweight, and I was never super attracted to her. Usually I am questioning the relationship but sometimes I am certain that she is the one.

So, at this point you're problem wondering why the hell I don't dump her. Well, first off I love this girl so much I would do anything for her. The thought of breaking up with her hurts me so bad, I am certain I would go into a depression for months. If you've ever gotten dumped by someone you love you know what the feeling is like. Well, that's the feeling I get when I think about breaking up with her. It's like loosing someone I love, but more than just a friend type of love.

Any suggestions?
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Hmm, it is hard to break up. Usually they will tell if you're treating her like a friend/like a bf etc, but if you love her then why break up? It seems to me the relationship seems a bit "stale" which does happen after the initial excitement has died down. As for being overweight - depends what you mean by that, curvy is different from overweight, might not be overweight in someone elses eyes.

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