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I'm confused why this girl is treating me like her boyfriend if she isn't intrested watch

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    I've recently moved to a different country, not knowing the language I decided to go to a lot of the international events in the town I'm living in. At one of them I met a girl who spoke good English and found out she lived close to where I live, so we began hanging out at local pubs and bars getting to know each other. We have the same sense humour where anything can be taken as a joke, soon enough it seemed like we been friends for ages but only a couple of months.

    I asked one night that I thought she was a very nice girl and if wants to have sex with me just for fun then I'm more than up it. She said weren't intrested in me but kept telling me how handsome I am and would touch like a partner would.

    One night she had a party at her flat and invited loads of her friends and after would offer me to stay over the night. Even though I live very close by and offered nobody else to stay over but me. I would share a bed with her, she would cuddle up with me laying right across me and at times I've felt aroused because well I have a attractive woman laying on top of me.

    It has made me very confused what she wants, if she isn't intrested I don't understand the affection and flirtation towards me. Why is treating like a boyfriend if she sees as just a friend?
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    I don't think she's treating you like a boyfriend at all, if anything it just sounds like you're good friends. The fact that she let you stay round her house for the night, doesn't make that an invitation to be her boyfriend. She was probably doing it to be friendly with you.

    this just seems like a friend's with benefits type situation... give it a few weeks and who knows you might end up having sex

    ditch her
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