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    I'm 17 now applying to unis and it was only when I was writing my personal statement that I realised how little I have done in my life. Some people can play an instrument, some people are good at sports, some people are academic achievers, yet I am none of these things, I'm just average. I go to a very high achieving sixth form and it has damaged my already low confidence a lot - many people in my classes are predicted 3 or 4 A*s, winning golds in olympiads and competing in international maths competitions... yet I struggle to get even one A*. I feel like my teachers really favour the smart ones and don't like me that much. I am very passionate about the subjects I take, I'm just not as good at them as my peers. I've had a very hard experience in high school from the start, leading me to struggle with my mental health a lot over the last 5 years (never had anything diagnosed as I keep these things to myself) after being bullied in my first year of high school. It was only until after receiving my AS results and realising how close university is that I begun to get motivation to do anything with my life. I just don't know what to do at this stage because it's too late to do anything now and I feel completely worthless and a failure. Any advice would be appreciated please? :'(
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    Forget about what other people achieved and start to appreciate yourself. It doesn't matter if people are predicted 3 or 4 A*'s but don't let their achievement affect you. You need to start believing in yourself then possibly anything can be achieved. I know it may seem daunting with being surrounded by people with predictions like that but learn to overcome it.

    Focus on what you have achieved, what you are great at, what you can do that nobody can do and why you are unique. You aren't worthless but you are rather greater so please don't put yourself down.

    You are capable of making anything happen so take that chance and don't limit your capabilities.

    Good luck, hun! I hope you feel much more better!
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    You said that you go to a high achieving sixth form; just remember that you're only comparing yourself to really really highly achieving students! If you were to go to an average sixth form, it's most likely that people there would admire you just as you admire those within your school.

    Don't compare yourself to others - you are what you are, and you can achieve whatever you'd like to. If you admire those who can play an instrument, it's not too late to learn one yourself! Also think about the things you can do, not just what other people can. If you go to a highly achieving sixth form, you must be somewhat academic, and definitely definitely not a failure.
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