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    Hello,I'm currently in Y11...I will admit i am not very popular and prob. average in terms of popularity...To be fair which i do not care about at all...

    However i have a problemveryone seems to think I'm Spoilt...

    (My dad is a surgeon/Mum a scientist)...When this comes up everyone see,ms to think the same and the say stuff such as the following:

    (Is there anyway i can get rid of such a status?-I do also have pos. impressions like being smart(Grades,etc..) and some bad such as robotic...)
    1)Parents living extravagantly(Some what)
    2)What i own(E.G=Iphone 7 Plus,Macbooks,Imac...)
    3)My lifestyles
    4)The fact i an only child
    5)Traits associated with Number 3

    And i do not try to make people envious of what i own AT ALL,i try to be quiet about them but it seems when one person knows,everyone knows...

    Know,How do i fix this?
    Is there anyway i can get rid of such a status?
    I have good impressions which i am proud of but this one is just irritating
    Regardless of its degree of truth(Which i question).


    No matter how hard you try people are going to pick and choose at what they believe, the best thing to do it ignore them and concentrate on yourself as you're in yr11 and exams are right around the corner, plus after this year you are not going to see the majority of people you went to highschool with so don't worry too much about others.

    Don't worry. Owning Apple products really isn't something to boast about, especially considering the latest model phone.
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