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Alright, so I'm an international student doing A-Levels and I'm applying to Univeristy of Toronto, University of Waterloo and McMaster University through the OUAC 105F application form. Two questions:

1) What am I supposed to fill in for the Activities section? It asks for any extracurricular activies (volunteering, jobs, hobbies, sports, etc) I've done after completing high school/outside of full-time secondary education, except most of my extracurricular activies have been DURING school. If anyone has any idea, that would really help since I don't want to leave it mostly empty.

2) There doesn't appear to be any supplementary application form I need to fill for UofT and McMaster (I'm applying for Humanities - English in both). I'm worried because the OUAC doesn't ask for any personal statement of sorts or about my activities during high school, just transcripts of my official grades, predicted grades and other personal information. Is this enough or will the univerisity be sending me a supplementary form later?

Thanks in advance!
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Hey! I've applied to the same universities (different programs though)!
1) I had the same problem. It asks for activities done out of school but I still filled it in with all the ECAs I did for the last two years DURING school. I asked a friend who got accepted and he said that it doesn't really matter 'cause he did the same but I really don't know. I remember another thread in TSR said that it's best not leave it empty.

2) I think only Waterloo asks you to fill in a supplementary application. Some programs in McMaster ask for supplementary forms. You mentioned you're applying for Humanities and the site says a supplementary application is not mandatory for this program.
You can check here
And for UofT, I'm not quite sure myself. Let me know when you find out, will ya?

Anyway, good luck!!

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