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Is it worth taking another pregnancy test? watch

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    Bit of background - been on Cerazette for 4/5 years and had no problems with it and during my last month's worth pack of pills, I missed one. I took the next one at the right time the next day and haven't missed any since. I think I missed it around 17th October.

    I read that you shouldn't have sex or if you do, use extra protection for 2 days after missing a pill so I didn't have sex with my boyfriend during that time but then I did have sex again on 20th, 21st and I think 22nd (all these dates are roughly accurate give or take a day or two). During this time I felt like I was ovulating. Its been years since I have ovulated since this pill usually prevents it but I had most of the old symptoms I used to get when I ovulated naturally. I know if you do ovulate on it, the pill can prevent pregnancy in other ways.

    On 29th October, I started to bleed a little. I thought that was maybe my 'pill period' for the month but it was a lot lighter than what I usually get for my 'period' since being on Cerazette but I have had light bleeding before. It was more than spotting, it was enough to wear a towel and change it through out the day but not heavy but definitely more than spotting, if you know what I mean.

    I put that down to being my period for the month and then I clicked that it only lasted 2 days roughly and wasn't too heavy so it got me wondering if it was maybe implantation bleeding. So yesterday (9 days from the bleeding and over a fortnight since the sexual activity) I took a pregnancy test just to be sure and it came back negative, no hint of a second line at all.

    I'm just wondering if this result is accurate and that I gave it enough time in between possibly ovulating and having sex to taking the test? I have really bad cramps like I am about to take my period at any second and I feel tired and those symptoms make me worry but I know that could be just PMS or something else. I am debating doing another test in 2 or 3 days, would that be enough time to get a truly accurate result? I don't bleed every month with this pill. I might bleed one month and then not again for another six months so its hard to know when I would be classed as missing a period, therefore hard to know when its right to take a test.

    I'd just give it a few days and try another test just to be sure what did you decide to do?
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