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Max Brown
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So I'm basically just pleading for someone to give me a hand as to what gender identity I can associate myself with. I know that "gender is a social construct" as one of my flatmates often says.

But here's the thing, I'm still confused as **** about what i am exactly. I've been a tomboy all my life, have always wanted to wear boys clothes and have done since i had control of my wardrobe. I'm not comfortable with my body, i bind my chest, hell i've started buying mens underwear cuz i feel more me when i wear them. i hate that i have some semblance of curves even though i'm quite tubby. Hell some days i'm ok with downstairs some days i'm not. i've just started to go by the name Max in flat only as my flatmates know me best, my dad and stepmum's side of the family know i'm binding and confused but that's it. Anyways can i just please have some answers or opinions from someone who can help me clear this **** storm inside and any advice on talking to me mum about this cuz it'll be the mot nerve wracking thing ever not cuz i believe she'll be negative about but just because i don't know how to talk about it with the family in general.

Sorry it's so long but i needed to vent/beg.

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