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help!!! assisting an art GCSE class watch

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    so my volunteering placement for school is basically just assisting a year 11 class with their art mock. they're almost at the end of preparation, like next week is their exam...
    but I felt it was really hard to even assist them. I asked every person if they needed help and they just said no. it was so difficult to even start a conversation with them, it just felt like they didn't want to talk to me.

    are there any tips that i can use to help them interact with me? i understand they're under a lot of stress but my teachers are expecting me to walk around and help everyone. i have to do this about 20 times and i've already run out of ideas on what to say to them after 1 hour.

    if you're an art student doing gcse pls pop up and tell me what u wanna hear from an a level student thanks

    Don't ask if they need help, 95% of 16 year olds will say no, especially to someone they don't know who seems uncomfortable.

    Ask them specific questions about themselves and their work e.g.
    - what media are you planning to use for X
    - do you use this media a lot
    - have you tried media X
    - what artists have you looked at for this
    - do you plan on taking art a level
    - what college are you going to next year

    You can also give them specific feedback if you notice anything which they could improve and point out things you like e.g.
    - I love the colours you chose for this
    - your style is really unique
    - the proportions of your hand are a little off
    - try adding a little green to your skin tone
    - it helps to stand back a few meters and see what it looks like from a distance

    Once you've spoken to them a few times you can ask if they have any questions/need specific advice either on A levels or their art piece and they'll be more likely to ask you things
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