is this guy embarrassed about liking motorbikes/motorcycles? Watch

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there's a guy i know and we were talking to each other the other day. i know he has a motorbike bc i've been stalking him on social media. we have spoken quite a few times, but i am unsure as to why he has not told me that he is into motorbikes? is he embarrassed about it or does he think that i am going to think that he is weird or something?
he has opened up to me about quite a few things but just not motorbikes? why isn't he telling me?
i think he lied to me the other day also, as he told me that he was going on holiday so he wouldn't be in for the whole week, i asked him where he was going and he said that he was just going to a place (i'm not saying what it is called but i know that it is not adventurous at all and it is not somewhere to go when it is cold).
i have been looking at his social media again to try and catch him lying and he and his girlfriend have not even posted any pictures of it etc! i have read the comments on the pics and no one has said anything! i saw his motorbike the other day with his friends motorbike and i think he is going on a motorbike, therefore his "holiday".

i think he is going on a motorbike tour but i just do not understand why he didnt tell me etc? how shall i catch him red-handed/lying? and how can i get him to tell me the truth/tell me that he is into motorbikes etc?

thanks everybodyyyyyy

i am a girl
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ok.... this is kinda wierd. maybe he was going with a girlfriend, but didnt want to hurt your feelings beciuse hemight thin you ar into him
idk,but it isnt something to get worrie about. really.
hop it helped x

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